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“You’re not worthy of love.” “No one will ever love a person like you.” “No one could want you looking like this.” “You are damaged goods.” “If you don’t know how to please a man what good are you?”

Have you ever heard these things, or worse, said them to yourself. If the answer is yes, don’t feel bad, I can relate.


In fact, I spent most of my life believing that all I had to do was keep others happy in order to be happy ……………..sound familiar?

​The above statements only scratch the surface of what it is like to be in a domestic violence situation.  Surviving years of verbal, physical and mental abuse led me on a journey of self discovery that I knew I had to share.  Deep inside, I felt that my story of pain, struggle and rebuilding  was something  that others who were still in , or who had survived a domestic violent situation, needed to hear.

​In 2015, as I was approaching 50 years of age, I found myself reflecting on all I have been through.  Seeing my father and best friend both go through their battles and succumb to cancer, at the same time hearing horrific stories of struggle and triumph and watching others  around me suffer, truly affected me in life-changing ways. 

I had the idea that if I could share my story of survival and the stories of my friend, father and others, it would let people in the struggle know they weren’t alone.  I decided to open the  door for others to share their stories as well. 

50 Shades of Blue, affectionately named after my fave color, offers a platform for those who are not afraid to tell their story. We welcome all, whether they are going through it currently or have overcome it, and offer hope and support to others who may suffer in silence.

​Domestic violence, or intimate partner violence as it is now called, happens daily. Though there is a domestic violence awareness initiative  it’s rarely pushed heavy enough to make any actual difference. I feel very strongly that it should be recognized and supported year round  having just as visible a campaign and voice as Cancer.

​Often domestic violence victims are treated like those with invisible illnesses such as cancer, lupus, diabetes, and Chrons disease, like liars and complainers.

Breast cancer gets such a big spotlight because of Susan G. Komen Foundation, but what about those who have thyroid, stomach, colon, colorectal, brain, liver, bone or any other form of cancer, where is there marathon or NFL support?  When is the last time someone told you about lupus and its effects?  How much do you know about substance abuse that has not been drilled into your head by television or Hollywood glam?  These are the stories that need to be told.

​Those who dare to speak out about domestic violence are often misconstrued in the media and personal relationships with friends and family. Men, like women,  often find themselves victims of  domestic violence, yet won’t speak about it because it’s considered taboo.  Some people find it unbelievable that a man would subject himself to such a situation.

Domestic violence seems to be occurring more regularly these days with athletes and their relationships. The sports world does its duty to brush it under the rug quickly though they will spotlight certain cases so as not to appear oblivious. 

The LGBT community suffers in silence because society wishes to look the other way. 

​Last year’s event had more of a party feel with vendors, music and more. This year, we will do it differently, incorporating  a sit down forum. There are speakers, sponsors and advocated lined up to support this cause and event.  I am proud to offer this platform.

As an a show of solidarity, we have requested all scheduled participants wear a shade of blue to keep with the theme.  50 Shades of Blue will continue to grow every year, I hope we can count on your continued support.

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Always Be Inspired!!

​Arlene R. Major aka Lady Blue was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She completed high school in Seaside, CA before attending Jacksonville State University in Alabama for a short period of time.  Arlene was raised in the military, and served in the Army National Guard in Washington, DC.  She also has management and medical administration experience as well.  Arlene found that times of trial offered the best ground for inspiration! She went on to complete her medical certification as a medical administrator and currently serves as a dispatcher for law enforcement.  No stranger to the stage, Lady Blue grew up in performing arts and has performed in several musicals around California and has also sang with a local band in California, New Mexico as well as the church choir.  

​Writing has always been a part of her life. English was a favorite subject and her teachers helped her to realize she had a gift. After going through a rough time in her life, Arlene decided to return to writing and let it reach and touch those who needed an uplift in their spirit. She started writing blogs for World Prayr in 2010 shortly after her father passed away and has been going strong ever since.  She has also written for Urban Image Magazine and looks forward to her first article release with Compulsive Magazine in 2017.

​Domestic Violence also is a topic that she takes very seriously.  As a domestic violence survivor, she found strength to share her story with others and host her first event titled 50 Shades of Blue…a Celebration of Life! This event showcased speakers, vendors and hosted friends and survivors in the Baltimore area. This event has been revamped and is going into its 3rd year here in Baltimore.   Lady Blue also has had radio appearances with Must Be the Music, Charm City Direct Radio Show, For The Love of my People, Inspired by Purpose, and Meloni’s Matters.  She has been featured in the November 2015 issue of the Belief Magazine and the April 2015 issue of Trendsetter’z Da Online Magazine Business Edition in Atlanta, Pink Pearl Proverbs 31 Woman newsletter and the RepYoGrindBlog emagazine. Besides the website, Lady Blue also has an inspirational page on Facebook appropriately titled Joy Does Come in the Morning.

​In 2015, Lady Blue won her first award for Blogger of the Year at the Rep Yo Grind Awards.  She was also nominated for Blogger of the Year at the Baltimore Crown Awards and the Titan Arts Awards.  This category held some of the who’s who in Baltimore and the DMV.  In March of 2016, Lady Blue joined and became of the host of the Lady Blue Radio Show that airs every Thursday from 9-11 am bringing you the positive to Spark your day.  

​Lady Blue has contributed to a few books in the past two years:  with Author Lucie Hola Owens book Awakening the Empowered Woman Wisdom Within and is currently working on Part II, Women on a Mission with Teresa Hawley Howard and most recently Reflections of a Survivor with Melony Hill.  Lady Blue currently has her own personal story that is set for release in the fall of 2017.  She continues to write and is currently working on her domestic violence story as well.