On September 20, 2011, Kimya Motley pulled up to the Little Mountain Christian Child Care Center to drop off her daughter for before and after care. Within minutes, her estranged husband, Terrence Roberson, would shoot Kimya and his stepdaughter, Corinne, leaving them for dead in the parking lot of the school. How could her husband who promised to love her “until death do us part” come to take that vow so literally? How could she have missed the signs leading up to that day? In Born of Violence, Kimya chronicles her journey from growing up in a home filled with domestic violence and neighborhoods filled with sexual horrors and unhealthy peer relationships to the road of abuse in all of her intimate partner relationships which led her to marriage and that fateful morning. She penned this memoir in hopes that the knowledge and education she has acquired since the shooting will help others identify what it takes to bounce back after tragedy and use those experiences as a stepping stone for success in their own lives.

She can be found in social media.  Her website is https://kimyamotley.com/

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