Shared with Permission……on August 29-2018
5 months ago today my life changed in everyday possible! I was in a abusive relationship for 12 years and this last incident he almost killed me, I was hit in the head mulitpule times which caused my brain to start swelling, I sat at home with a headache for 2 days and on the 3rd day I had to be lifeflighted to the U of U not expected to survive. They rushed me in for emergency surgery to remove the right side of my skull so that my brain could continue to swell and then un swell.
I did ok in the hospital for a few days then I took a turn for the worst went in to coma for 5 days and had 2 strokes. During all this my 3 youngest children got put into states custody since I was in the hospital and not able to care for them. I stayed in the hospital for one month and at that point I was ready to go back under and have my skull put back in.
Before all this happened I was a really bad alcoholic. I am now healed and I am 150 days sober! Sobriety was something I never thought I could do and now that I have its the most rewarding feeling! So I was able to free myself from the hell I was living in and I was able to become sober. I am also working really hard to get my children back.
 I am not sharing this to make anyone look bad I am sharing this to raise awarness to all the women and men that may be in a abusive relationship and feel there is no way out. Im here to tell you I know how hard it is to leave and I know we all stay for different reasons, we have kids, I loved him, I had no where to go, he will change, it was only one time, it was my fault. I have said them all. I never thought that things would have got to the point they did. I know others told me all the time he is going to kill you one day and I was seconds away from dying.
There are shelters out there to help if you have no where to go. If you would like some resources I am willing to help you. No one deserves to be treated this way!  Please get out and ask for help! I dont want anyone else to have to go through this. I was blessed and strong enough to survive all this to share my story and I thank god every day! Please share#Survivorshares