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Stories of Survival

Grace Phoenix

Grace Phoenix is a US native from Detroit, Michigan with a love for arts, music, and culture. Previously, Grace hosted an Afro-Caribbean radio show, which has expanded into Afro-Deeziak TV, airing on Comcast, Channel 26 in Atlanta, GA. She has traveled to various...

Melony Hill

My name is Melony Hill, during the course of my lifetime, I have been unfortunate enough to play multiple roles in the cycle that is domestic violence. As a young girl, I grew up in a home controlled by a very strict and domineering step-father. My mother...

Markie Williams

I’m Markie Williams and I’m a competitive bodybuilder. I am a pro bikini athlete in two Natural federations and I’m currently training for my first NPC National show, with the hopes of earning my pro card in that federation as well. I’ve been competing for...

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Rise From the Ashes – Official Trailer

Rise From the Ashes is a film about Narcissistic Abuse and Domestic Violence. Inspired by true events. For more information, visit